Blood Bound
“Blood Bound”
book 3 begins

Samar and Reniard venture to Estra, the elven capital, in search of Kiln, her mother’s acquaintance. On his journey north, Stijn finds an unlikely dwarven companion in Brightwood.

Blood Bound
In the works:
“Green Hunter”

Borsh Green sets out to bring the notorious Hashen’s gang to justice. This experienced bounty hunter won’t be going after four armed villains alone, as he will find unexpected help along the way.

Dark Market
“Dark Market”

Peak into the Dark Market council meeting from 200 years ago. Meet its founder, dark elf queen Neeva, and witness a dark summoning.


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    New favorite TV show and tiny updates

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  • Reading “Headcases” and biographies

    Reading “Headcases” and biographies

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  • It’s October, finally

    It’s October, finally

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