Getting featured and hitting 1k on Webtoon

As I’m going through a complete mess in my private and work life, I barely had time to check on the comic in all the places I was publishing it. Tapas was a bit easier to follow because the app notifies me when I have new comments or subscribers, but Webtoon still doesn’t offer these features so it’s kind of up to creators to figure it out.

Yesterday, June 21st 2022, I remembered I didn’t check in on the stats after my scheduled Monday Webtoon update. Thinking “maybe there’ll be a comment from that one person that leaves one here and there”, I opened the app and imagine my surprise when suddenly there were 80 likes on episodes that had 5 just few days ago. I didn’t even notice at first that my subscribers number has reached almost 700. By the end of the day there were over a 1000 subscribers!