D.I.Y. Comic Fest and the “Muke naše autorske” zine

Today, as part of the Stripotetke’s “Kod kuće” (“At home”) exhibition, a group of Serbian comic book authors – Stripoid – organised the D.I.Y. Comic Fest. People from the group got to present some of their comics, the zine we worked on together – and I finally got to meet some of the folks in person.

The event was held in UK Parobrod in Belgrade, with the support from Stripotetke and Agencija KomunikArt from Pancevo. By the time I got there, around 1PM, the place was packed with people (I finally got the chance to snap a photo during a short break). Everyone seemed to be having a good time, and the atmosphere was very positive. The following artists offered their comics, drawings and handmade merch:

I was supposed to be a part of this event (as I mentioned in this blog post before) but life had other plans and it just didn’t happen. I’m happy that I got to be there in the end, even if just as a visitor!

I snagged a copy of Nadja’s “Babaroga na praksi” (“Babaroga Intern” on Webtoon – go check it out!) first issue, which came in a limited 50 copy edition as its first print. It came out looking great!

Aaaand, finally got to hold the zine we all collaborated on in my hands.

“Muke naše autorske” (“Our author troubles”)

This zine is a collaboration dedicated to the struggles we deal with when making comics. From how much effort goes into making a single page and having too many ideas and too little time to procrastination and taking forever to finish your story. Each of us brought our own views and style into the zine. I can’t write a review of it as I’m one of the author’s in it, but I’m very happy with how it turned out and I’m glad I got to be a part of it.

The zine includes works from: Ana Milojkovic “Omi”, Boris Stanic, Bojan Zavisin, Ilija Jakovljevic, Dragana Radanovic, Filip Stankovic, Ogla Mihailovic, Jelena Pavlovic, Marta Todorovic, Nadja Tiodorovic, Samael “Soki” Belic, Ivana Havran.

All in all, a good day

I will admit, this day was a bit tiring for me after spending a couple of weeks at home sick, but I ended the stroll by getting some pancakes with my brother, to celebrate both of our birthdays. Now I’m resting a bit before I get back to housework. Because the damn laundry never stops.