Previews, tumblr blog, and January kicking my butt

Everyone I talk to is getting sick from the flue or whatever, and I got stuck in bed for a couple of days, too. Dear health, can you not? But the good news is that yesterday evening I finished the pencils for Book 2 pages 36-40 or Episode 10 for those reading on Webtoons.

I’m including a couple of previews here. This is the first update in a while that features all 3 main characters. It was supposed to be a bit shorter, but instead of Reniard replying to Samar’s question about “why are the kingdoms at war” in two panels, I thought it would be more interesting to actually draw it in short “flashbacks”.

In other news, I’m still not on social media, however I started blogging weekly on my Tumblr blog. I plan to post about my comics, and mostly about things I read or watched. It’s open to public so you don’t need to be registered to read it, just if you want to ask questions. (Anonymous option for Asks is turned on.)