Print test of a few pages

This week I printed out some test pages from my comic in full size. Just to get the idea how large they actually are and how much detailed I should make my drawings. The results were mixed. I definitely need to draw more detailed characters and scenes in my comic as I have the space for it.

Sometime in book 2 I changed the size from standard US format to French BD format. It gave me more space for panels and made it easier to draw on a larger size. But I’m still getting used to the amount of space I now have, and for some reason, I keep arranging panels as if it’s a standard US format still. What I mean by that is that I place 4-5 panels on the page and go “that’s that” when in fact I can fit a lot more.

I do seem to be getting a hang of it lately, looking at the last 5 pages I did (first 2 photos in this post). Although, I can probably make it look even better if I update my style a little bit as well. This is something I plan to play around with in a standalone “short” comic I plan to start making soon. I was planning to have the page thumbnails for it done by now but sadly it didn’t happen. I’ll get to it eventually.