This year will be fun

We took on a new project that will last until September at least. The good news is that we were promised to get paid well for it. I’m sceptical until I see this first payment. If all goes well, this will help a lot with my finances and my plans for the future.

The bad news is that I have other work projects alongside that I now have to move to overtime hours as my 9-5 is fully booked for this project. Somewhat good news is that all of the other projects are short term. All of this leads to me having less time to work on the comic.

Am I going to keep working on it still? Yes. However much time I can steal to do it. Is this the last time in my life that I’m taking on this much work? Absolutely yes. I’m 36 and the days of living on 4h of sleep and working over 12h a day are long behind me. Keep your fingers crossed or keep me in your prayers. I’m going to need as much good positive energy as I can get.