I love to draw food

If you look through my comics, there’s at least one meal or a piece of food or someone cooking somewhere in a panel.

My grandma thought me how to bake. She took care of four kids during the summers, in the 90s, which often meant including us in house work. And that meant helping with baking. Sometimes just measuring the ingredients, other times helping with the dough. Like, cutting out the donuts. (We didn’t have the metal cookie cutters, so we used different size drinking glasses.)

I really learned to love baking because of her. And I still fondly remember those summer evenings, sweating in the kitchen to make donuts or pancakes. Then packing the plates full and sitting on the terrace and watching the starry sky. (One more thing I miss while living in the city centre, and with all the light pollution that increased over the years is that I can’t watch the stars at midnight in the summer.)

My whole family enjoys good food, and we like to treat each other with it. When someone had a bad day, you can bet that some kind of sweet will be baking in the oven that evening or we’ll just walk down to the store to get something. Although, the store bought stuff just can’t compare with freshly baked cake, straight out of the oven, with the whole house smelling of vanilla, chocolate, apples…

Do I plan to include more food in my comics?

Yes. Book one had just a little plate in the background in the last scene. And book 3 was severely lacking food too. With just a single bread showing up. Food plays an important part in all of our lives, and it tells us so much about ourselves and the place we live in. So, if you’re reading my comic, expect to see more food as the story progresses.