Headaches, writing, and a kitten

If this blog post makes little sense, it’s because I’m writing it while dealing with a tension headache (that I got by carrying too much stuff from the store today, along with two massive books from the library). I’m barely drawing lately (I want to, but there’s always something going on – the house, the job, the new cat). Instead, I started writing more.

Of all the cities on the continent, Mossborough was always my favourite. Sure, there are other grand harbours, bustling with travellers and trade. Cities with grander spiritual temples, and other temples of carnal worship. Shops and taverns, palaces and music halls. Yet, this town is the home to a place no other has. One of a kind in the whole world – the thieves guild.

A snippet from “The Painter” short story

Yesterday I rewrote one of the short comics I had planned since last year as a short story instead. I’m hoping to finish another soon as well. Maybe even post it with accompanying illustrations. This second story was supposed to be the bonus chapter between book 3 and 4. “Crystal rush” got in the way, as I didn’t have the time and energy to work on both.

“Blood Bound” book 4 script is also coming along. One thing I noticed now that I’m on hiatus from drawing is that at some point I started planning chapters to fit the episode format so every 1-2 episodes, there would be a switch between the two story lines. That is, if episode 4 was following Stijn, episode 5 would have Samar and Reniard. That just made the story in book 4 choppy, and now it’s rearranged to be better. I think I’m probably going to wait to go back to working on the comic and then finish the majority of book 4 before posting it online again.

Stepping away and getting rid of that pressure of trying to do everything at once, really helps me to rest and to go back to working the way I prefer. There are other improvements I’m planning with the comic, but it’s too early to talk about that.

We got a tiny new roommate

Mom got a kitten about a week ago. He’s tiny, and cute, and I have never seen so much grumpiness packed in such a small body. It’s like having an 80 year-old grampa in the form of a 2 months old kitten. So when I’m not working or doing stuff around the house, I’m taking turns with the others in taking care of it. Within a week he went from a cuddly ball of fluff to a full blown menace that learned how to climb onto the table, plays “the floor is lava” with the dining room chairs, and bites on every shoe string he can get to.

He makes up for all of it by being cute when he sleeps, and purring like crazy.