Sweets themed stickers

Recently, to give my mind a break from longer projects, I started drawing sweets themed stickers. So far, I got an ice cream, an apple and poppy cake covered with chocolate, a rainbow cake and some apricot jam filled donuts. (And a few more sketched out.)

It’s something I can do while low on energy, it’s relaxing, and it’s done fairly fast. When I got more into making comics, I decided to dedicate most of of my time to that. Somehow with time I stopped making smaller drawings altogether (outside the short period I had the Instagram account). It feels nice to go back to something that doesn’t take hours and work in several programs to be finished.

I have no idea what I’ll do with these stickers, if anything. While I did print out some to hand out to friends, I’m not really sending or selling them to anyone at the moment. Like all the other old stickers, I think they’ll just stay in the drawer until I figure out what to do with them.